Tuesday, March 30

Lots of sheep!

We often have local school children come to the studios to make things and have them fired.
          Recently a group of sixteen came to make these lovely sheep.
They look complicated, but are made with some flat pieces of clay which have pattern pressed into them before they are put together with slip.

The joy of these creatures is how each of them takes on such a unique character. Curly horns and bulging eyes, yet they all look sheepish!

They sit on top of the kiln keeping warm...sorry, drying out... and when they are bone dry get their first firing.
                      Then their second firing is with a glaze. And at the end of that , off they go to school to be taken home and hopefully put in a special spot for all to see.


  1. What a wonderful batch of sheep! I am sure I never made anything half as accomplished when I was at school.

  2. My sheep wasn't as good as Micks!... His looked all gentle and mine had a mischevious air about it.. I love it though :)

  3. I love the one in the bottom photo on the right, it looks like it's blowing a raspberry!


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