Monday, March 29

the Easter Box of Goodies

We took a trip south this weekend and on the way back north, stopped off with our daughter's family.
This is always a treat of hugs,laughter and baked goodies! Our daughter has a blog site, Amelie's House, and also is on the Flickr site, Neviepiecakes, so the cakes are to die for!  As soon as we got in the front door, we were presented with "The Easter Box".   Here are the photos to show what came out of it as I unpacked!

                       Natasha's older kidlet painted the scene on the lid.

Inside is a Simnel cake. Moist fruit cake with almond marzipan filling and topping. Each ball on top represents an apostle. Nestled in a corner was a bag of Blackberry with creme du mure chocolates by "Coup de Chocolat".  Both this maker and Neviepie Cakes belong to a group in Hertfordshire called "More than a Mama" ,and they regularly hold market fairs in that area. 
The green pom-poms have been turned into an Easter Garland which I shall probably hang up for ever.                                
So we are nicely set up for treats this coming weekend!


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